Holika Holika

Holika Holika

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HOLIKA HOLIKA Jewel Light Skinny Eye Liner - 0.7g

[Description]A skinny type waterproof eyeliner that expresses a brilliant pearl and color like jewel..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Jewel Light Under Eye Maker - 0.2g+1.4g

[Description]Long-lasting underliner creates clean look eyes without smudge and sustainable for swea..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Less On Skin Cream - 100ml

[Description]Krim lembut yang hanya mengandung kandungan penting untuk wajah dengan tingkat EWG 1-2 ..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Less On Skin Emulsion - 180ml

[Description]Emulsion lembut yang hanya mengandung kandungan penting untuk wajah dengan tingkat EWG ..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Less On Skin Toner - 180ml

[Description]Toner lembut yang hanya mengandung kandungan penting untuk wajah dengan tingkat EWG 1-2..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Lipconic Tint Magma - Glossy Play Edition

[Description]The lipstick makes the lips look attractive with glossy fitting texture and favorite co..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Magic Pole Mascara 2X - 9ml

[Description]Specially designed Memory Curl Polymer creates curled eyelashes all day long.Magical vo..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Magic Pole Mascara 2X Waterproof - 9ml

[Description]A specially designed Memory Curl Polymer makes curling eyelashes all day long.Mild Masc..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Make Up Sun Cream - 60ml (SPF50+ PA+++)

[Description]Make-up base combination sunscreen helps light skin tone correction.[How to use]Last st..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Melty Jelly Blusher (Sweet Peko Edition) - 6g

[Description]Jelly cream blush - a wonderful product for a natural daily makeup.Blush gives smooth a..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Melty Jelly Lip Balm (Sweet Peko Edition) - 9.8g

[Description]Water holding ability has excellent moisture, offers lip deep moistureMelting Gel Compl..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Milky Jelly Luminizer (Sweet Peko Edition) - 6g No.01 Melting Milk

[Description]Soft melting texture fits on your face like a jelly, sensational texture allows transpa..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Moisture Sun Gel - 50ml (SPF50+ PA++++) No.Aqua

[Description]A refreshing sun gel of moisture essence type that finishes moisture without stickiness..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Naked Face Balancing Primer - 35g

[Description]Primer multi warna(Roseship, Green Tea, Lavender) yang mencerahkan kulit dengan meratak..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Naked Face Gold Serum Primer - 30ml

[Description]Naked Face Gold Serum Primer has a light weight formula that improves your complexion!B..


HOLIKA HOLIKA NEW Face2 Change Liquid Roller BB - 30ml (SPF30 PA++)

[Description]Liquid Roller BB Cream creates perfect skin texture.3 Efficacies:  UV Protection +..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Peko Bubble Hand Wash - 250ml

[Description]Bubble hand wash with refreshing grapefruit fragrance that washes hands gently with bub..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Peko Bun Puff (Sweet Peko Edition) - 1pcs

[Description]It is a non-latex puff that facilitates safe use of sensitive skin with latex allergy.I..


HOLIKA HOLIKA PEKO Eye Shadow Palette - 6g

[Description]Eyeshadow dengan 3 jenis tekstur eyeshadow, matte,glitter, dan shimmer untuk memberikan..


HOLIKA HOLIKA Peko Hand Cream (Sweet Peko Edition) - 30ml

[Description]Hand cream that makes a soft hand.Pure milk extracts for moisturizing and whitening eff..


HOLIKA HOLIKA PEKO Hand Mirror - 1pcs

[Description]Kaca edisi terbatas Peko dengan bahan silikon mudah untuk digenggam dan dengan karakter..