Happy Bath

Happy Bath

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HAPPY BATH Coco Punch Shower Gel - 800g

[Description]Happy Bath’s Coco Punch is coco-lychee formed of naturally derived coconut substances a..


HAPPY BATH Essence Body Wash - 900g

[Description]This delicate and romantic rose scented body wash leaves skin fresh and moisturize..


HAPPY BATH Green Tea Micellar Cleansing Foam - 175g

[Description]Cleanse away skin wastes and dirts mildly but effectively with contents of Micellar and..


HAPPY BATH Juice Smoothie Body Wash - 800g

[Description]Leaves skin feel fresh and moisturized without stickiness. [How to use]1. Pour mod..


HAPPY BATH Natural Body Wash - 900g

[Description]Gently cleanse away skin impurities with dense lather andleave skin feeling fresh and m..


HAPPY BATH Natural Lavender Essence Body Wash - 900ml

[Description]A summery fragrant body cleanser made with lavender flower extracts to relieve stress a..


HAPPY BATH Natural Real Mild Body Oil - 250ml

[Description]Provides intensive moisturizing to skin with 59% or above of Sunflower Seed Extracts.Mo..


HAPPY BATH Natural Seed Origin Body Wash - 800ml

[Description]#CarrotBody wash formulated with healthy recipe that contains naturally derived plant s..


HAPPY BATH Perfect Sun Cream - 80g

[Description]A leports sun cream for face and body, perfectly protects skin against UV rays and high..


HAPPY BATH Perfect Sun Lotion - 200g

[Description]A sun lotion for face and body, protects skin against UV rays and moisturizes skin.&nbs..


HAPPY BATH Siam Aroma Bath Bubble - 300ml

[Description]cleanses the body skin with its rich foam .[How to use]Gently massage the external area..


HAPPY BATH Soapberry Moisture Cleansing Oil - 200ml

[Description]Deep cleansing with natural seed oil to make even the deepest makeupIt is a make-up cle..


HAPPY BATH Soapberry Soft With Cleansing Foam - 150ml

[Description]The mild cleansing foam that cleanses your facewith plant-based ingredients while leavi..


HAPPY BATH Tea Collection Body Wash - 800g

[Description]A mild body wash that leaves your skin feel refreshes and moisturized with delicate her..


HAPPY BATH White Clay Pore Scrub Foam - 150g

[Description]Fine particles of kaolin, which is a natural component for intensive purification of po..